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Slitting the Vein of Pixie Dust
Bonjour, mon amour! My name is Jennie,and Disney is my ultimate passion. If you're even on this blog, you're most likely a Disnerd, too, or you know me. I feel sorry for you if you are one of the latter. My lifelong dream is to work for the Mouse. As I always say, "If the Happiest Place on Earth doesn't make you happy, nothing ever will!"

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Anonymous asked:

favorite movie in 8 gifs?


Eric is just like “da fuck Ariel ?”

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What happens when your grandmother doesn’t want you to graduate…

Hi! Could I please have a Disney look alike? Thanks in advance!

You definitely have a Pixar-esque build, which is awesome, love! It’s the rare, lucky jaw line that can wear short pixie cuts beautifully and rock them without trying. Btw- I adore your hair! It’s a gorgeous color! With that said, I am definitely going to say Mrs. Incredible!

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I hit 1k followers over the weekend! still not over it tbh
to thank y’all, I’m holding a tumblr awards!


  • mbf me
  • reblogs only to enter (N O  L I K E S)
  • this must reach 100 notes or i’ll cry myself to sleep
  • closes June 21st
  • 1 winner for each category


  • Anna Award- best posts
  • Elsa Award- cleverest URL
  • Kristoff Award- prettiest theme
  • Sven Award- coolest edits/graphics
  • Hans Award- best icon
  • Olaf Award- nicest blogger
  • Chocolate Fondue Award- best overall

get to reblogging! and thanks so much again for 1k followers!

ask me if you have any questions <3


interactive installation “Measuring the Universe” by Roman Ondak in which visitors mark their height in black ink on a white wall, representing a star in a network of celestial bodies to symbolize the space each individual takes up in our vast universe.

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are these 3 different characters

These are three different characters.

Welcome to our society, where the teenagers are depressed and the students are stressed. Where people will give you hate on what you wear and what your weight is. Where there’s only sex, no hugs, and no candy, just drugs. Where we self-harm for an escape, and parents beat and rape. Where laws forbid people being gay, and everything is weary and grey. So I hope you enjoy your visit with society, just try not to get depression and anxiety.

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It seems enormously patronizing to me. Just the sort of annoying tune you’d have playing in your themed park, I daresay. All giddy and carefree, encouraging children to face the world unarmed. All they need is a spoon and some sugar, and a brain full of fluff and they’re equipped with life’s tools. Wonderful !

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First and last picture of Ariel alone

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I made Mickey at the beach!

Disney Love Songs.

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